Windows 8 is just a few weeks away now, but yet not much has been released to give the everyday consumer a sense of what to expect from the next iteration of the top-selling software. Thankfully a few videos have leaked out that may shine some light on the subject. got ahold of what it claims are four upcoming ads for Windows 8. The only reason we find these supposed TV commercials a bit questionable is the length of each. Typical television commercials run 30 or 60 seconds in the United States, and while these fall close to the latter, they don't quite make it. That being said, we aren't totally clear on what market they are intended for, and they look a little too slick to be anything other than the real thing.

Either way, if you haven't yet had a chance to take a good look at Windows 8, these will give you a good overview of what to expect when the operating system is released later this month.

Meet Windows 8 Video

Windows 8 – Work Hard, Play Hard Video

Windows 8 – Make It Yours Video

Windows 8 – All About Apps Video