A leaked build of Windows 8.1 has leaked onto the darker corners of the Internet, revealing some iterative tweaks coming to Microsoft's platform. Aside from the ability to hop straight to the traditional desktop, Windows 8.1 will also introduce improved multitasking and a Metro file explorer.

According to The Verge, the leak provides users with the option to pick a specific view in which to open an application when apps are snapped side-by-side. "The new app splash screen simply hovers until an area is selected," The Verge explained. Additionally, as you can see in the screenshots, there's a small app icon toward the left bottom corner, giving mouse and keyboard users easier access to applications.

Nothing major is being included, just smaller additions that makes using Windows 8 from the Metro interface more appealing and convenient. The build also includes easier lock screen camera access, which only requires users to drag down on the lock screen for a quick shortcut. A public preview version of the upcoming build is expected to be revealed in June, so until then we'll keep our eyes peeled for more leaks.