Our first look at the iPhone X in the wild is here. It’s not technically in the wild, so to speak, since it’s on Apple’s One Infinite Loop campus, but it does provide our best look yet at the un-released and hotly anticipated iPhone X.

A video surfaced this morning on the YouTube channel of Brooke Amelia Paterson. She just so happens to be the daughter of an Apple engineer. On a random recent day (September 15, judging from the date on the iPhone X), she went on a tour through Apple’s campus and while eating lunch at the cafeteria, her dad pulls out the iPhone X to pay.

Oddly enough, her dad let his daughter record herself using the iPhone X, going through some of the major features including new gesture controls, Face ID and animojis. The iPhone X seems to be working just like any iPhone with no issues. We’ve wondered how the user interface would feel with the new gesture controls now that the home button has been removed, but it seems to be pretty intuitive.

The video has since been taken down from YouTube but can still be found on Reddit. Apple likely got wind of the video and ordered Brooke to take it down, but not before others downloaded it.

We don’t get any new information from the video we haven’t seen already of the iPhone X, but it is the first time we’ve seen the phone away from Apple’s controlled areas.

With pre-orders going up this Friday and first orders shipping out next Friday, it won’t be long until the world gets their collective hands on Apple’s new device.