A leaked Verizon advertising schedule popped up on Droid-Life indicating the arrival timeframe for the Galaxy Nexus. Several of the site’s tipsters said to expect the hot new Android/Ice Cream Sandwich device just before or after Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), and this ad plan seems to corroborate that.

The schedule for the HTC Rezound and Droid Razr reveals an advertising period following their expected dates availability (Razr: pre-orders began 10/27; Rezound: rumored between 11/10–14. In fact, in-store signage is already up). If this schema holds up for the Samsung device too, then that Samsung Holiday Portfolio marketing push starting on 11/28 could be rather revealing. Given that this is a Monday, it’s not crazy to think the device could launch that week or even the week before. Either way, it would be a slight delay from the 11/17 date that has been bandied around.

Talk about a heck of a stocking stuffer. So, is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus worth the extra wait? Let us know if you’re putting this on your shopping/wish list.

[via Droid-Life]