Samsung I9300

Some of you may have already heard about the Samsung I9300; it's popped up a number of times in recent reports all over the web. And at one point many believed it might be the codename for the upcoming Galaxy S III. According to Samsung's ordering system, the device is actually a "Galaxy M," and it could be arriving in mid-May.

When Samsung changed the naming policy for its Galaxy range back in 2010, the Galaxy M was its moniker for mid-range devices. With that in mind, GSMArena has paired up the information it has with an image (above) that leaked earlier this week, depicting what appears to be a new mid-range Samsung device.

Specifications for the device are, unfortunately, few and far between at the moment. All we really know is that the device isn't a flagship handset — and therefore cannot be the Galaxy S III — and that it's likely to make its debut in mid-May. According to Phandroid, it's expected to feature a 1.4GHz dual-core processor, and a 720p display.

If GSMArena's information is correct, then you can expect an announcement from Samsung relatively soon.

Do you think is indeed a Samsung Galaxy M?

[via GSMArena]