Kindle Fire

Just the other day TechnoBuffalo reported that the yet to be released Kindle Fire was up to nearly 100,000 pre-orders.

Come to find out that number might actually be more like 250,000 if the internally leaked data from within Amazon Cult of Android obtained is to be trusted. Very impressive numbers for Amazon considering they only just began accepting pre-orders five days ago.

Breaking it all down, that comes out to more than 2,000 Kindle Fire units pre ordered per hour – that’s more than 50,000 per day, and the official launch is still more than a month away.

If figures hold and consumer demand remains high, the launch of the Kindle Fire could potentially be the biggest in history, even bigger than both iPad releases.

The figures are impressive and quite telling for those who may have doubted whether or not the tablet would have an impact on the tablet market. The low price coupled with Amazon’s vast ecosystem is a huge draw for casual and hardcore tech consumers alike.

Even if demand slows, I think it’s safe to say the Kindle Fire, priced at just $199, will be a huge hit this holiday season. With demand this high, and getting higher everyday, maybe we will see a 10″ Kindle Fire sometime soon.

[via Cult of Android]