Additional shots of Huawei's upcoming Ascend Mate have leaked out, showing off a neatly curved rear shell and that enormous 6.1-inch screen. The pictures don't really show off the device's true scale. Remember that the biggest smartphone out right now, Samsung's popular Galaxy Note II, is only 5.3-inches.

The Ascend Mate was shown off by Huawei CEO earlier this week, demonstrating just how big the device really is. This is edging so very close to 7-inch tablet territory. By this rate, it's a matter of when, not if, a company will offer a 7-inch smartphone.

Huawei intends on unleashing this 6.1-inch titan at next month's CES, where we'll hopefully get a hands-on with the Mate. Can we even call this a smartphone, or a phablet? Maybe just tablet is fitting enough.