We’re expecting several updates from Apple when it unveils the iPad Air 2 later this week including the inclusion of Touch ID, a slimmer design, and improved internals. Most updates to new devices this year have been fairly predictable, and especially products with Apple logos on back. However, according to a new leaked logic board, Apple’s big tablet will actually sport a small and unexpected surprise.

We initially thought the iPad Air 2 would sport Apple’s new A8 chip, but the image shows a processor with A8X clearly labeled. We actually saw similar images over the weekend, but those were decidedly less clear; this latest shot leaves absolutely no doubt, and suggests Apple is ready to go all out with its new slate.

Meanwhile, the image also suggests Apple will use 2GB of RAM for the iPad Air 2, indicating the company’s new tablet will be its most powerful yet. We’ve been hearing Apple might introduce a new split-screen multitasking mode to the iPad, and it’s likely the new internals will ensure the feature is buttery smooth. Beyond that, Apple executives will no doubt talk about the benefits the A8X chip brings in terms of CPU and GPU performance.

It’s unclear if these same updates will hit the second generation iPad mini with Retina, or if it’ll come equipped with similar specs to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Apple has stuck to 1GB of RAM for many generations, but it sure looks like the company is finally ready to take a step up for an even more powerful experience. We’ll find out on Thursday, when Apple is expected to announce new iPads at its event in San Francisco.