Last week, the net saw a suspicious video concerning Nintendo's Wii successor trickle down through the gaming and tech blog spaces. We ran the clip in question as a rumor last week. It appeared to showcase an internal, private presentation between Nintendo and a select group of gaming press.

Over the weekend, it seems the clip has been all but completely confirmed as a fake and a hoax. The video was posted by French blog Strategy Interactive. It seems, the video was part of a group of fake clips designed by marketing students explicitly to go viral. As VG247 has it, students were tasked with creating a viral video for the net; the group or student with the most views at the end of the contest period will have won.

Incidently, this "Project Cafe" clip pulled down the most views in the required time frame. Strategy Interactive appears to have closed the race last Tuesday. At that time, this fake Nintendo clip racked up more than 500,000 views on YouTube, putting it more than 400,000 views better than its closest competition.

We assume those students scored an A; they owe us.

The fact that this fake clip went viral so quickly says a lot about the current state of Nintendo and the Wii. In the eyes of most gamers, the console is practically running on fumes. Once rumors started flying around about the Wii's successor (and Nintendo's subsequent official announcement), gamers started seething with excitement, frustration, complaints, regret and bitter sarcasm.

The Wii is as good as done as far as I'm concerned. There are a few stellar games still to come, but the fact of the matter is that gamers have been ready for a new approach from Nintendo for nearly a year now. And that becomes obvious every time a new rumor rears up and scores a ton of traction on blogs, news sites and comment sections.

As more comes from Project Cafe, including obvious rumors, we'll be on it.

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