With the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat expected to launch as soon as Oct. 15, we can’t go a day at this point without seeing a fresh batch of leaked photos. Today, Italian site TuttoAndroid managed to gets its hands on some new Nexus 5 screenshots, showing the updated operating system’s settings menu, including a new mobile payments feature.

It’s unclear exactly what the new mobile payments “Tap & Pay” feature will do or how it might work, but we’re most likely looking at an NFC-based system. The latest leak also shows off Android 4.4’s new location options, which let you control how your device’s location is tracked in order to protect your privacy and save battery life.

TuttoAndroid also describes their hands on experience with the Nexus 5, noting that the device is bigger than the Nexus 4 but still very lightweight. The report also notes that the design and specs match up with recent leaks, adding that the back panel is made out of a rubbery material.

With Google expected to unveil the new smartphone and OS as soon as next week we hope to hear something official from the company soon. Stay tuned for more updates.