If the CGI trailer that's leaked from Capcom is any indication, you can say goodbye to the thawed jungles of E.D.N. and hello to the open tundras and freezing conditions that so many of us loved in the original game. Lost Planet 3's setting and main character appear to have been leaked.

Oh, and apparently, Vital suits are now enormous in size. Hopefully they'll play as well as their smaller counterparts in the first title.

I absolutely loved the original Lost Planet. With that said, I'll be among the first to admit that the voice acting in the title was weak. This CGI trailer gives off a much, much better vibe. Sure, some of it still sounds a little cheesy, but the overall tone seems of higher quality than what came from the first and second games.

Lost Planet 3 is apparently being developed by Spark Unlimited, the Sherman Oaks, CA based studio formed back in the early 2000s. What's that, you've not heard of Spark? They did work on Call of Duty: Finest Hour and Legendary. It is odd, however, that Capcom is turning to a western studio for the third game in the series. Lost Planet and its sequel were developed by the Japanese arm of Capcom.

As more comes for this game, including more official news, we'll have it.

[via Polygon]