We’ve heard a lot about the rumored fingerprint sensor we’re hoping to see embedded in the iPhone 5S home button. It has been the highlight of several stories in the past few weeks ranging from analyst predictions to side-by-side comparisons. Now we may finally have some proof of its existence. A new set of photos obtained by iMore offer a detailed look at the new home button component, making it clear something new is coming.

The fresh batch of iPhone 5S pictures show the smartphone’s home button from both the front and back, revealing ten pins, which is far more than Apple has used for previous smartphones. This suggests that the new button may have some additional uses, and if we had to guess we’d say it may have something to do with fingerprint recognition.

The leaked parts also reveal a slightly modified dock connector, and the same flex cable and antenna system, but the big news is the home button. We won’t know anything until Apple’s big announcement on Sept. 10, but more news is sure to leak before then so stay tuned for further updates on the iPhone 5S.