Great, just what I wanted to stumble upon after leading you all down a rabbit hole. New images surfaced of a supposed iPhone 5 case manufactured in China that alludes to the fact that the iPhone 5 may be indeed knighted with that 4-inch Retina display after all. These images also suggest a thinner iPhone 5 with a curved back panel, similar to the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS models.


Italian Mac-centric site published a drove of images that compare an iPhone 4 and an iPod Touch to the alleged iPhone 5 case. The iPhone 4 is actually able to fit inside the case, which leads us to believe the iPhone 5 will have more real estate in the height and width department. However, the iPhone 4 blatantly rises above the lip of the case, suggesting that the purported iPhone 5 will be thinner, styled more closely to an iPod Touch.

What have we learned here kids? Don’t trust iPhone rumors. We hope you enjoyed this one.