Back in 2012, Apple CEO Tim Cook made a commitment to preventing leaks from its overseas factories. Now, the Cupertino company is struggling to prevent inside sources from divulging Apple’s biggest secrets.

In an internal Apple presentation obtained by The Outline, it’s revealed the Cupertino company recently held a briefing with over 100 employees in which executives, including ex-NSA and ex-FBI investigators, stress the importance of keeping information confidential.

Titled “Stopping Leakers—Keeping Confidential at Apple,” the hour-long presentation covers a number of topics, from combating leaks at overseas factories to uncovering internal leakers at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters.

At one point in the presentation, The Outline claims a video can be heard in which an Apple employee talks about how devastating leaks can be.

“When you leak this information, you’re letting us down,” the employee can apparently be heard saying. “It’s our company, the reputation of the company, the hard work of the different teams that work on this stuff.”

In the past, the majority of leaks happened on the supply chain where employees would often go to great lengths to get components out of Apple factories, from flushing parts down the toilet to a woman placing enclosures in their bra.

Apple claims to have slowed these overseas leaks, and is now looking internally, even setting up an infrastructure at its headquarters to catch employees who leak information. One such investigation reportedly took over three years, concluding with the firing of employees who leaked information to the press.

According to Apple, keeping information confidential is important because products tend to have a much greater impact once they’re unveiled. Which is true. At this point, it feels as though there’s no way the iPhone 8 can live up to the hype considering how much we’ve seen it leaked lately.

The Outline’s report is a fascinating peek behind one of the most secretive companies in existence. Check out the full report in the link down below.