One big new customization option coming to Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 update includes the ability to change the background image. How will that look exactly? Instead of changing what's behind the Metro UI, Microsoft has apparently settled on allowing users to skin the existing tiles with an image of their choice. You can see how the feature is implemented above, making a kind of mosaic through the live tiles. Unfortunately, The Verge claims not every tile can be skinned; apps like Games, Office and Xbox Music. Instead, users will be able to use their customer colors.

In addition to the ability to change your phone's background, Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 update will also include new gestures, the ability to close multiple apps at once, a new notification center and the potential for a big new voice assistant using Cortana from Halo. If you want to see some of the features in action, you can check out this video, while an SDK has been floating around, giving users an early glimpse of what to expect come April, when Microsoft is expected to supply developers with the big update.