HTC M8 Sense 6

The above picture might be our first glimpse at HTC's next version of sense—Sense 6?—running on the M8, which is widely expected to be the One successor. BlinkFeed is still a prominent fixture, it seems, but new to the equation is the arrival of on-screen buttons. Despite later versions of Android adopting the on-screen implementation, HTC has remained resistant to the change, though the latest rumors suggest we'd see HTC follow suit when the M8 is released. This image from @evleaks suggests that to be the case.

The implementation looks clean and slick. Some of the information in the screenshot is blurred out, but the upcoming version of Sense seems to fall mostly in line with the existing design. The dock icons now sit on a transparent layer, as do the software buttons, which have been redesigned slightly from the stock look of Android. Does the time give us any clues, or even the presence of UEFA (presumably showing off a look at the Champions League)? We'll have to keep our eyes peeled.

Evidence of the HTC M8 has begun to trickle out at a higher frequency now that CES is behind us. An image of the supposed device hit the Web the other day, and potential specs have been thrown around for several weeks. A recent rumor claimed the device would launch at the end of March in New York City, but so far nothing has been made official. A new version of Sense inside a big flagship device is expected, but we'll have to wait for HTC to unveil the handset to actually see what the software actually looks like. Judging from the lone image above, it looks pretty darn nice.