Product reveals came fast and furious at CES 2012, but about the only thing missing from these announcements were proper release date details. Most companies gave the vague “upcoming months” statement, leaving tech geeks like us a bit high and dry. Luckily there’s this thing called the Internet, which is prime stomping ground for leaks – and this one is juicy.

A Nokia developer newsletter has started to make the rounds, pegging the AT&T-bound Lumia 900 to hit in March. More specifically, PocketNow says, March 18. If you remember, the Lumia 900, “designed with U.S. in mind,” was announced by Nokia CEO Stephen Elop only a few days ago. The device runs Windows Phone 7.5, and will be available exclusively on Ma Bell’s network.

More details are sure to hit soon as Mobile World Congress is set to get underway at the end of February in Barcelona. Expect a confirmed launch date to be announced then, if not sooner.


Lumia 900 Newletter