ATT Logo HorizontalA portion of AT&T’s upcoming Q1 roadmap has leaked, revealing a number of anticipated devices will soon be available on Ma Bell’s network. And we thought the Lumia 900 news was good. A BGR source has entrusted the blog with news regarding the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC Titan II, Xperia Ion, Sony Crystal tablet, and a few other Android devices.

First, the Galaxy Note, which has been a favorite around the TechnoBuffalo offices for some time, will reportedly launch on February 18 for $299.99. Another Herd favorite, the HTC Titan II, will land on AT&T’s network on  March 18 for $199.99, giving the Lumia 900 some stiff Windows Phone competition.

In addition, AT&T will offer the Sony Crystal tablet for $409.99, though no details were revealed other than the device will feature HSPA+ and not 4G LTE. The carrier will also unleash the Samsung Rugby Smart and AT&T Fusion, both said to be entry-level Android offerings that’ll hit on February 18. BGR also claims that the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD, Samsung Exhilarate and Sony Xperia Ion will all hit sometime in Q1, but pricing and availability is currently unknown.

There you have it. Some heavy hitters are headed to AT&T’s roster in the next few of months, making the choice of splashing cash down for your next smartphone all that more difficult.

Which one will you go with?

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