Microsoft hasn't really taken advantage of the work that Nokia put into devices like the Lumia 1020, which featured an incredible 41 megapixel camera sensor. The company has instead launched several devices with PureView tech, though without the sort of sharpness that the Lumia 1020 promised. That may change soon, and a new leak on Monday from @Evleaks tells us that we shouldn't lose hope for a new Windows 10 Mobile device with a great camera.

The image is blurry and provides basically no information on the next smartphone, but it does suggest that something with a good camera is indeed coming. You can see the large sensor in the middle of the image, too, and what appears to be either a dual-flash with a third sensor, or a triple-flash setup. In either case, this looks like a much bigger sensor than we've seen on recent Windows Phone (soon to be called Windows 10 Mobile) devices.

Is it the rumored McClaren smartphone that was reportedly scrapped late last year? Or maybe the Lumia 940? We don't know, but Microsoft is no doubt working on a new flagship to sell with its brand-new Windows 10 Mobile operating system, which is due out in September.