Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game League of Legends' ranked gameplay mode is currently down while developer Riot Games works to fix a bug plaguing all characters at the time of this writing.

Riot Games writes on the official status page:

We're currently working to fix a bug with the Recall spell. Unfortunately, this particular issue can't be mitigated by disabling a specific champion or item so we've temporarily disabled Ranked while we develop a solution. We will update you all with our progress in 12 hours.

Recall, in short, teleports the player character back to their home base. It typically takes a couple seconds to cast, making it somewhat of a risky move. The bug had the spell going off instantly.

League of Legends sports over 27 million daily players as of the last time they reported numbers, so this is a potentially very costly bug as it pushes away players only interested in ranked play, which becomes available at level 30.

The team has promised an update today, so we hope to know more soon.