Gaming is big money: The top 25 public companies made over $50 billion in revenue last year, according to research firm Newzoo. So maybe it’s big money for a select few. But for those few, it’s huge.

While traditional gaming companies make up a pretty big portion of the top ten — Sony, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Activision take four of the top five spots — Tencent sits at the top of the heap as the biggest earner with over $7 billion in revenue. Most gamers know them better as the owner of Riot Games, the developer responsible for the hugely popular League of Legends. Tencent’s free to play MOBA put them a full billion ahead of even Sony’s awesome year last year.

As GamesBeat notes, mobile games are a huge area of growth. While Candy Crush Saga publisher King only saw a slight year over year increase, both Apple and Google saw huge increases.

The other big take-away is that just about everyone, with the exception of Activision Blizzard and Nintendo, saw a year over year increase in revenue. With Nintendo’s amiibo craze and Activision set to revive Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk alongside the launch of multiple Blizzard-developed games (Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, and maybe even the third part of StarCraft II), this survey could look very different this time next year.