Technical lead of the Android Open Source Project, Jean-Baptiste Queru, recently opened up on Google+ sharing his thoughts about the current state of Android device software updates. Far removed from the cries of Android users across the globe waiting for their respected phone or tablet to receive the latest version of Google’s mobile OS, Queru actually feels that the current software update waiting periods are “reasonable.” He even went on to compliment Sony for updating its Tablet S to Android 4.0, a feat which took five months to accomplish.

Queru also discussed the differences between Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich, stating that delays are likely when upgrading from Android 2.3 to Android 4.0 since the operating sytems are quite different under the hood. When asked why Asus’ Transformer Prime was able to update its tablet much faster than typical protocol, Queru citied that Asus’ decision to work closely with NVIDIA was likely the driving force in bringing such a speedy update.

What leaves Queru in awe the most is when Google-engineered devices are left stranded on previous versions of Android, or stuck on an older version due to carrier approval delays. He is, however, happy to see Google back to selling devices directly, which is something that he sees as a possible workaround for carrier interference in the future.

[via: Jean-Baptiste Queru Google+]