When the first trailer for Venom dropped, the symbiote beast declared he (and Eddie Brock) were Venom, but in the latest clip, we truly find out what that means.

The new clip, titled “To Protect and Serve,” really gets to the meaning of serving some beatdowns. It’s the same scene we were briefly shown in the trailers where Eddie Brock is warning a special tactics unit not to test him or his symbiote friend, but they don’t listen and when he morphs into Venom, they pay the price.

One by one, smoke bombs be damned, Venom begins taking down the soldiers, breaking some limbs along the way. The clip reveals how Venom interacts when loud bangs vibrate and reverberate around him. The suit curls in avoiding the interference but quickly regains its composure.

This will likely be an element the movie uses to make Venom weaker.

Check out the new clip in its entirety down below, it’ll do a great job of getting you excited for Venom’s October 5 release.