Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia has released yet another firmware update for its Windows Phone-powered Lumia 800 to address problems with the device’s battery life and a number of other bugs. And it’s well worth installing. According to a report from WPCentral, version 1600.2487.8107.12070 “nearly tripled” the battery life on their Lumia 800.

While the Lumia 800 has received plenty of critical acclaim since its release last year, one problem that users have been suffering most is poor battery life, with many reporting that they cannot go a full day without charging their handset at least once.

Nokia has already issued two firmware updates to address the issue in the past, but it seems it’s the latest that is having the most impact. In addition to better brightness control, the Lumia 800 reportedly consumes just 70mA of power when idle with the latest software, while issues with white balance in the camera app and audio bass have also been fixed.

Furthermore, users who already have access to the update are reporting that it includes references to new features, such as a panoramic camera more and a self timer. However, these are not yet active.

The update begins its rollout in Singapore today, but Nokia is yet to announce when it will reach other territories. When it lands on your device, be sure to let us know.

[via WPCentral]

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