The third-generation Nest smart thermostat, which was first introduced in early September, is finally on sale in the U.K. for £199.99 (approx. $304). The device comes with an improved design that’s thinner than previous models, a larger display, and new features.

Thanks to new sensors, the latest Nest is more accurate than ever before. It can intelligently detect drafts, tells you when your boiler isn’t working properly, and even lights up to display the temperature and time when it senses that you have walked into the room.

The new Nest is also easier to read, with a bigger, brighter display that measures 2.5 inches and boasts 229 pixels-per-inch.

For users in the U.K., Nest will come with Heat Link, which can be connected to your boiler to enable you to control hot water schedules from your smartphone or the Nest itself. That means you can turn the hot water off when you’re away, then seamlessly turn it back on when you return.

Nest also works closely with compatible boilers to ensure that they only ever use as much gas as necessary to either raise or maintain temperatures in your home, helping you save some cash.

You can order the new Nest today from the online store via the source link below.