Microsoft this week released another advertisement focused on comparing the iPad with various Windows 8 tablets. This time, the commercial points out the iPad's lack of true multi-tasking, while the Windows 8 device easily and expertly snaps different apps on one screen. Tablets seem to be the gadgets of choice while actively scouting baseball players.

In the ad, which depicts two scouts video chatting while watching a fellow pitch, the iPad owner has difficulty switching between apps to get information quickly. The owner of the Windows 8 tab has no such trouble. Microsoft's commercial definitely gets its point across, sure, but it's also worth pointing out that the iPad owner seems incredibly clueless on how to actually use his device. That certainly makes a difference. For that matter, you'd think each scout would've done their research beforehand.

The new spot is part of a series of ads aimed at undermining the iPad's capabilities, or lack thereof. In addition to previous ads that focused on things such as price, productivity apps and non-expandable storage, Microsoft has set up a webpage in an effort to show consumers why a Windows 8 tablet might be the better choice. Whether consumers are responding to these commercials by choosing Windows 8 over Apple's iPad remains to be seen.