Siri References in iOS 5.1

Apple seeded a third iOS 5.1 beta to its registered developers earlier this week, and in it there’s an interesting reference to the company’s new Siri dictation feature that suggests it is making its way to the iPad and the iPod touch.

With the software installed on these devices, users can access a link to “DICTATION LINK TEXT” within their device’s keyboard settings menu. The link opens a document that outlines the privacy terms of the dictation feature within iOS, which is currently only available on the new iPhone 4S.

This is the first time the link has popped up on these devices, and could mean one of two things: Either it was included by accident, or that dictation and Siri are coming to Apple’s other iOS devices in the near future. And the latter certainly seems plausible.

While Siri is the biggest selling point for the iPhone 4S right now, no one’s expecting it to remain exclusive to the device. At some point Apple is likely to introduce the digital assistant feature to its iPad, iPod touch, and even its Mac. Recent reports have also claimed the feature will be present in Apple’s upcoming television set.

However, it seems Siri’s rollout may happen quicker than we had anticipated. Mentions of it within iOS 5.1 on the iPad and the iPod touch would suggest it’s going to make its way to these devices in the not-so-distant future, possibly with the next-generation models, i.e. the iPad 3 and the fifth-generation iPod touch.

It’s likely Apple will remove this link before iOS 5.1 makes its public debut, but you may be seeing it again within the next few months.

Are you hoping to see Siri on your iPad or iPod touch?

[via Cult of Mac]