Google’s latest update for the Pixel lineup appears to fix an issue that caused sound to become distorted on the highest volume setting. The company acknowledged the problem back in December, but there were concerns that faulty hardware was the root cause.

Users started reporting the audio problem, which only became present when volume was turned to the maximum setting, in mid-December. Google responded shortly after and promised it was working on a fix, however, it was unclear whether software would be the answer.

One engineer suggested that the problem was due to hardware in a certain batch of Pixel phones, which would have meant that they would need to be replaced. It now looks like that won’t be the case, thanks to Google’s February security patch.

Since this rolled out to the Pixel and Pixel XL earlier this week, it appears the audio issue has vanished — despite no mention of a fix in Google’s change-log.

“A thread on Reddit is full of reports by users, saying that the problem is gone for them, and our office unit got fixed as well,” reports PhoneArena. A small few say the problem persists, but it looks like the vast majority who were experiencing this issue no longer have it.

It certainly seems that the problem is indeed software-related. Not only has this patch fixed it for most users, but others report that installing a custom ROM on their Pixel also addressed the issue. Those who are still suffering may well get a simple fix soon, then.