Galaxy S III leak number 98

Well folks, it’s now Friday, and a new day means a new Galaxy S III leak. I’ve lost count of how many we’ve seen in the last few months, but the latest, according to its provider, really, really is the real thing. However, there are arguments both for and against this particular image.

Let’s start with why we think it might be the real Galaxy S III: First, it looks good. In fact, it’s probably the best-looking leak we’ve seen so far, sporting a sexy shape and an edge-to-edge display with hardly any bezel down each side. But the biggest reason why we think this leak may be genuine is that it look just like the handset depicted in the purported Galaxy S III support manual we reported on this morning.

There are a couple reasons why we think this might not be the Galaxy S III, however. Firstly, it sports the old three-button setup seen on older Android smartphones, and the fact that it’s got capacitive buttons at all — rather than virtual, on-screen ones — suggests this wasn’t a device built for the latest Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

Sure, it could be an older prototype, but more importantly: take a close look at that image above. As noted by TechRadar, the reflection of the photographer’s hand isn’t only apparent in the handset’s display, but also in the material beneath it. To us, that screams fake.

If this is indeed the Galaxy S III, then I think it looks great. I’m not putting my money on it, though. What do you think?

[via Phone Arena]