Google on Monday released a new Chrome Beta that indicates exactly which tab that annoying audio is coming from. If, like me, you constantly have more than ten or fifteen tabs open at a time, then you know how incredibly frustrating it is to experience auto-play music blaring from your browser. Before, you had to scan each tab one by one in order to find out exactly where the noise was coming from. The latest beta will now display a little speaker icon, eliminating the annoying guess work.

In addition to showing you which tab is playing audio, Chrome Beta will also show you when a tab is using your webcam or casting to your TV through Chromecast. The problem has existed for years, but finally Google is addressing the issue head on. The Internet, as we all know, is a particularly noisy place, and anytime technology can silence pesky and unwanted sources of audio is a good thing.

Meanwhile, the new beta also includes a Safe Browsing feature, which warns you before downloading potentially malicious files. You can download Chrome Beta here.