The next time we see the X-Men, they'll be waging battle against their most powerful, formidable opponent to date—one of their own. The latest trailer for Dark Phoenix dropped and it continued to give us a glimpse as Jean Grey deteriorates to become her powerful alter ego, Phoenix, slowly losing grip with reality and threatens to kill all of the X-Men.

Last we saw of the X-Men in X-Men: Apocalypse, they were dealing with the aftermath of the big battle with Apocalypse. We were briefly shown that Jean Grey has a darker, more powerful side within herself. That is awoken in the new Dark Phoenix trailer, and not even her friends has stop Jean from going down the path of destruction.

A mysterious character portrayed by Jessica Chastain seems to be the one leading Jean down this path that will awaken her destructive alter ego. Professor Xavier, Magneto, Mystique and the rest of the group are trying to to their best to bring her back, but it is not without bumps and bruises and possibly their lives.

At some point, most of the X-Men will be restrained in a train and Jean Grey will come for them with all her might.

Dark Phoenix arrives in theaters June 7.