Xbox Reveal - 1

Today is the day! Today is the day that we’ll, hopefully, have something else to call the new Xbox that’s much better than Xbox 720. I’ll be able to sleep at night, folks.

In celebration of my hotly anticipated slumber, I’ve decided it’s high time to make some last minute predictions about what we’ll see during today’s presentation.

If I were John Madden, this would be the part where I call for a hail mary from the TechnoBuffalo staff. Since I’m not John Madden, this is actually the part where I stand in the mirror and psych myself up to jot down a few last minute whims of fancy concerning the new Xbox.

That’s what I did, and here I am… freshly removed from my bathroom… to talk to you about what I think is coming during today’s Xbox reveal. This are predictions. Predictions. That’s a fancy word for “wild shots in the dark.” Do not trust them. Do not believe them. And, please, do not take them to your local bookie in order to “earn” this month’s rent.

Without further ado, here are my predictions for today’s Xbox reveal.

Shoot At Stuff in New IP

I can almost guarantee that Microsoft will trot out their next big console selling IP. With the Xbox we had Halo. with the Xbox 360 we had Gears of War. With this new one? We have to have a new banner franchise. Have to.

My money is on a futuristic military shooter involving aliens and lots of grey. There will also be guns.

And it Also Plays Games!

As has been the case with Microsoft’s take on console gaming over the last several years, I expect this presentation to at least feature some emphasis on this console being a device for the whole living room. We’ll talk TV, music, movies and, I’m just guessing, voice activated living.

Of course, I don’t want that stuff. I want games. Bring on the games!

It Won’t Require Always-On

Despite the rumors suggesting that the next Xbox will require an Internet connection in order to play games, I don’t think this one will come to fruition. And, yes, I say that staring directly in the face of the recent Adam Orth Twitter debacle.

Adam Orth on Twitter

Microsoft has too much to lose by going always-on with this new machine. I’m not even talking about losing face with customers. I’m talking about physically missing out on whole parts of the world. There was a stat a while back that suggested that one third of all consoles are never connected to the Internet.

Think Microsoft wants to skip out on that part of the world? Think they don’t want the Xbox 720 (haha, “720,” I’m crazy) to be usable for entire slices of the planet earth? I don’t think so.

I know this: if it requires an Internet connection, I won’t be buying it.

No Backwards Compatibility

Much to my dismay, the only console that will support backwards compatibility right out of the box this generation is the Wii U.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 will not feature backwards compatibility out of the box, and I expect that trend to continue with the new Xbox. Heck, the Xbox 360 wasn’t even really backwards compatible when it launched, and it still doesn’t support every classic game.

Microsoft knows that there’s money to be made when it comes to reselling old games in digital format. Expect them to offer up downloadable versions of Xbox 360 games on this new system. They’ll charge $10 and walk away with a pocket full of virtual money.

A Heavy EA Sports Presence

Well, we already know that EA isn’t spending their time developing games for the Wii U. They’ve made their stance on that console abundantly clear. The publisher didn’t really have a presence at Sony’s PlayStation 4 unveiling, though I’m sure Sony would have loved them there.

FIFA 13 Review - 1

Instead? EA will be at the Microsoft showing en masse. I expect a big, big presence from EA Sports. Microsoft will try and appeal to the sports gaming crowd in a big way this generation, and that happens with FIFA and Madden. Expect at least one on display.

…that Includes a Racing Game

Also, expect a racing game. EA loves the Need For Speed brand lately, and I totally expect them to roll one out on stage during the show. Nothing says “next gen” console like a highly detailed car game, and I think EA’s taking the helm this time.

I say that over Forza, folks. We might see a new Forza for the 720 (ha, did it again) this year, but not at today’s show.

Don’t Expect a Price

Finally, don’t expect a price point. There’s no reason to announce a price point unless it’s as drastic an unveiling as the console itself. If the price point doesn’t wow consumers, they will not mention it. Why risking dulling the hype of their show with a somber point about money.

Xbox Reveal - 3

We won’t know about how much the new Xbox costs until E3 at the earliest. Personally, I don’t even think we’ll hear about it then. Expect a price point announcement in July or August, folks.

We Will See the Box

I don’t fall into the camp of gamers frustrated by the fact that Sony didn’t reveal their physical console during the event way back in February. I also really don’t care about the tease that they released yesterday. As I said, generally, in that article, as long as it fits below my TV, I don’t care what a console looks like.

Concept Art by Joey Davidson

Concept Art by Joey Davidson

That said, there are those who do care and do make a big fuss about the form factor of a machine. Those people will get their reveal today. Microsoft will show us the Xbox. It might not be the final form, but it will be on stage, and we will have a stupid amount of pictures with it on display.

Come! See how wrong or right I am by following our liveblog and watching today’s event stream right here on TechnoBuffalo.