Nothing like an 11th hour WWDC rumor, right before the main event! TiMN has a source claiming to know what Apple‘s iOS 5 will feature. Here are the tasty (albeit not totally surprising) tidbits:

Messaging: This one looks like a strike right to the heart of BBM (BlackBerry Messaging). Apple will presumaby launch its very own native MMS/SMS protocol capable of automatically identifying iOS messaging recipients. (If you’re familiar with the Textie application, this should feel familiar to you, just more simplified).

Notifications: Annoying pop-up windows, your days are numbered! Word has it, notifications are indeed getting a makeover. Alerts will show up in the top banner that disappears subtly or be pulled down with a single downward swipe of the finger (sort of like the jailbroken Mobile Notifier, pictured). The notifications will stay housed in the drop-down list, plus…

Widgets/notification window: The pull-down will also hold widget-like items for weather, stocks, and more. Unfortunately, the weather widget’s icon won’t be live-updating, though.

Lock screen: Here’s another reboot — notifications will also be housed on the lock screen. There will be a small icon, swipeable to open/launch the related app for the alert.

So how accurate is this? Only mere minutes until we find out for sure! Stay tuned to TechnoBuffalo, as we dish out all the little goodies from the keynote.

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[via ThisIsMyNext]