It's easy to forget Christmas is creeping up on you, and just about everyone finds themselves at the last minute realizing they need one more gift for someone. Don't fret, we're here with some suggestions of what you can ponder getting for that person thanks to the ubiquitous shopping site, Amazon.

Amazon Gift Card: There used to be a real stigma attached to giving gift certificates or cards, but now they are an insanely huge industry.  Considering how popular Amazon is, can you really go wrong with such an item?  You can print them yourself, email them or have Amazon send them via postal mail if you so choose.

Apple iPod Touch: The iPod Touch has become a popular alternative for those that don't want to deal with giving up their current phone for an iPhone.  Aside from cellular service, that isn't a whole lot of difference between the two items, and the Touch has become extremely popular.  8 GB $183.99, 32 GB $269.99 and 64 GB $359.99.

Eye-Fi Explore Video 4 GB Wi-Fi SDHC Flash Memory: While $91.94 is usually an outrageous price for 4 GB of storage in any format, seeing as the Eye-Fi lets you transfer images and videos via Wi-Fi off of your camera, its worth it.  You can transfer the files to your computer, to your social media accounts, via FTP and more.

Fisher Space Pen: Do you ever think your friend finds themselves needing to write at odd angles, like when they're in zero gravity? How about if they find themselves in temperatures varying from -30F to 250F? Yep, this is the pen for them! And at $18.70 its very affordable.

LaCie Rugged All-Terrain 500 GB USB 2.0/FireWire 400/800 Portable External Hard Drive: External hard drives can be great, but can be impractical to travel with due to them being bulky and touchy to jarring.  This rugged hard drive can with stand bumps and bruises, is BUS powered so it needs no bulky adapter and can withstand extreme temperatures.  250 GB for $93.95, 320 GB for $104.95 and 500 GB for $144.95.

SanDisk Cruzer Micro 8 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive: Remember when flash drives cost you an arm and a leg?  Well, the prices are far more reasonable now and you can pick up this 8 GB drive from Sandisk for $19.54 plus shipping.  Even if your techie friend or loved one already has a flash drive, you can seriously never have enough of these.

TwitterPeek Mobile Tweeting Device: Okay, maybe we thought the TwitterPeek was silly, but if you're desperate for a last minute gift, then this TwitterPeek with a lifetime service subscription for $199.95 would do the trick.

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