Star Wars: The Last Jedi is one of the most polarizing Star Wars movies ever made. There are many things about it that upset fans, but one of the most infuriating points was the character of Captain Phasma. The chrome-laden First Order leader was nothing more than a throwaway character, but a new deleted scenes shows off a completely different version than what we saw in the movie.

The Star Wars Show relayed an exclusive deleted scene from Lucasfilm that expands upon Captain Phasma and her beef with Finn. In the theatrical version of The Last Jedi, Finn’s battle with Captain Phasma in the hangar was disappointing and felt cut short. The new scene presents a new set of events that display the ruthlessness that made Captain Phasma a First Order Captain.

After Finn smashes Phasma’s mask and falls into a fiery abyss, instead of dying, she returns for another bout with Finn with a few Stormtroopers backing her up. Pitted in a bind, Finn reminds Phasma how she “squealed like a whoop hog” when he pointed a gun to her head and and had her shut down the Starkiller’s shields, resulting in the base’s destruction. She responds by saying nobody is going to believe him, but the Stormtroopers nearby take pause in the words.

Before they have a change of heart, Phasma easily takes them out, quickly shooting them one by one. A battle with Finn ensues, before she drops him and delivers the “you were always scum.” After he responds with the “Rebel scum,” he snags a loose blaster and blasts Captain Phasma into oblivion.

The scene paints a new portrait of Phasma, peeling back some of the layers of her origin story. It also follows up a plot thread that didn’t really feed from The Force Awakens to The Last Jedi: that of the collateral damage left by the destruction of the Starkiller base.

Had the scene been in the final cut, the The Last Jedi would have been better for it.