After our roadways become overrun by autonomous vehicles, Silicon Valley’s tech elite want to dominate the skies. So, while us plebes are stuck with exploding hover boards, Google co-founder Larry Page will be soaring high above in his fancy “flying car.”

And by flying car, we mean a ginormous drone that also happens to drive on a flat surface.

Apparently, a prototype from Page’s company Zee.Aero was spotted on the tarmac of Hollister Airport in Northern California. You can see it for yourself in the picture above.

According to MercuryNews, the flying object was seen hovering at the airport before returning to the lower depths of hell known as Earth.

“It sounded like an electric motor running, just a high-pitched whine,” said Steve Eggleston, who managed to snap a photo of the aircraft.


Page has founded two secretive flying car companies, both with fantasies to swoop affluent CEOs from the clutches of gridlock traffic and onto their yacht helipads. Why drive when you can simply take off vertically from your beachside mansion?

Doc Brown had the right idea when he converted his Delorean into a flying time machine. Maybe, your kids’ kids will commute by floating through the air, rather than down on the ground.

Not much is known about Zee.Aero’s flying car but a patent document reveals a multirotor aircraft that looks a lot like a big drone. Imagine parking next to that at your next grocery run.