Rise of the Tomb Raider will be on the cover of this months' Game Informer, the magazine announced, directly following up last month's Uncharted 4 cover. As part of the reveal, some details have emerged about the follow-up to 2013's reboot of the long-running series.

Where Tomb Raider took place all on one island and was somewhat constrained aesthetically by that setting, Rise of the Tomb Raider will take place over at least two locations, with one being Siberia, where Lara Croft is searching for an ancient city.

It sounds like the game is deepening many of the systems the first hinted at, as well. Hunting animals will hopefully not just be a matter of achievements this time around. Animals have more detailed AI and have habits based on climate and time of day. Crafting will play a role as well.

Perhaps most importantly, the Xbox 360 version of the game is being handled – like Forza Horizon 2 last year – by a different developer than the Xbox One version, allowing Crystal Dynamics to focus on making a game for the current generation without worrying about making it fit into the previous one.

Rise of the Tomb Raider hits Xbox One and Xbox 360 this holiday season and, while no other versions have been announced officially, it's expected to hit other platforms later on.