Lamborghini-Urus-3Boy oh boy, Lamborghini has come a long way from the LM002 SUV which debuted in 1986. Tack on 26 years to that fateful date, and we have the Lamborghini Urus concept SUV, arguably the top talk of the Beijing Auto Show. I feel as though Lamborghini finally got it right this time around with the unveiling of the Urus, especially when compared to the competition, which consists of the ghastly Bentley EXP 9F Concept.

Described as the “wild ancestor of today’s fighting bull,” the Lamborghini Urus is by far one of the most aggressive and sporty SUV concepts we’ve seen to date, with a front end design that infuses traces of Aventador DNA and a tight, firm rear end. The Urus is a mere 5′ 5″ tall, meaning most people will still be able to tower over this Lamborghini as well. With a high yet adjustable ground clearance, variable aerodynamics and carbon fiber accents in structural parts, the Lamborghini Urus Concept is bound to offer a posh ride, should the raging bull come to market.

Lamborghini stamped a figure of 600HP on the powerplant of the Urus, yet claim that the car will be efficient when it comes to emissions. One of the most alluring characteristics of the Urus is its unconventionally patterned interior with multi-segmented seats. Touchscreen LCDs appear to be available in the front and rear, complimented by a digital dash. Lamborghini has no plans to bring the Urus to market as of yet, though the company divulges its new concept is a “perfect match” for the brand.

Lamborghini Urus Video

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