It's been a while since I've thrown down for a Humble Bundle, but this is one I would consider if I didn't already own all the games I wanted from it. Humble Indie Bundle 14 is home to a great load of games including an all-time favorite of mine.

That game is of course NIGORO's brutal indie platformer LA-MULANA. I've written about this gem plenty of times, but why stop now? It is the best "metroidvania" to exist outside of the Metroid or Castlevania series, and it will punish anyone who dares try to tackle its inner secrets. It makes its Mac and Linux debut in this bundle.

Along with it at the average price tier, you can snag other hits like Torchlight 2 and Outlast, and a few other smaller gems like 140, MirrorMoon EP, and Contraption Maker all entirely DRM-free.

The basic tier, paying whatever you like, will land you UnEpic, Pixel Piracy, and Super Splatters, three games I am unfamiliar with, and the $10 tier is also home to a game that is a bit strange to me called Shadow Warrior Special Edition.

The average price tier is a steal at the $6.15 it's going for right now, so at least start there. Shadow Warrior Special Edition has a pretty solid reputation, so I don't see much problem checking it and all the games out for just $10. Anybody interested?