La-Mulana is one of the best indie games you will ever play, jam packed with difficult gameplay, challenging puzzles, a huge underground ruin to explore, and an out-of-this-world sense of style. It is always a treat to play through on the PC, if your controller survives that is, and now you’ll be able to take this brutal experience with you on the go thanks to your PS Vita. Hopefully there won’t be any people in the path when you decide to chuck your handheld across the train passenger car.

Seriously, you know you are in for a tough time when a developer has to write a FAQ on how to get started…

Originally, Publisher Rising Stars Games intended to have it published and in American hands by December, but the one month wait comes with a warm welcome. I’m a little “gamed out” at the moment, and I need a nice, long winter holiday with my retro-favorites before diving into anything new or difficult again. Hopefully, many other people will take January’s lull in big releases to uncover this under-appreciated gem.

This PS Vita version comes packed with the original game as well as a new bestiary, trophies, and leaderboards. I swear, if I see any of you break world records on a La-Mulana leader board, I am just going to snap! Too many frustrating memories with this one, but hey, a challenge is always nice, I guess.

Keep an eye out for La-Mulana EX on the PS Vita in January, and also be sure to check out La-Mulana 2 which should be wrapping up development later in the year.