The PlayStation Vita indie gaming library has just gotten a massive bump of awesome. La-Mulana, the brutal “metroidvania” platformer from NIGORO, has been confirmed by PlayStation Blog for an American release this winter.

I talk about this game a lot, but that’s because it’s just that good. La-Mulana provides hours and hours of mind-bending puzzles and brutal platforming action. As it was modeled after Konami MSX games, that naturally means it has a rocking soundtrack to back-up all the excellent sprite action in your face. Seriously, check out the theme to the opening hub town if you don’t believe me.

La-Mulana was first released in America on Steam and Wii Ware, but Pygmy Studio Producer & Art Director Hisashi Koshimizu promises that this Vita version will have additional content not found in the other versions.

“And PlayStation Vita version will also have new features! With the integration of these new features, we want the game to be enjoyable by both LA-MULANA fans as well as retro action game fans. (For example, a Monster Bestiary is planned).”

The Vita is a perfect home for it these days, and it will look great on your virtual gaming shelf next to indie hits like Guacamelee, FEZ, LIMBO, Spelunky, Hotline Miami, the incoming Rogue Legacy, and of course, Don’t Starve, which was also confirmed for a Vita release in the early hours of E3.

If you’ve never played La-Mulana on a PC or on the Wii, I can’t recommend it enough. Please be sure to check it out on Vita this December when it gets released. Also keep an eye out for the incoming sequel, which scored big on Kickstarter last year.