While not quite the nail biter that Unsung Story proved to be after it closed out with 20 hours left, Japanese indie developer NIGORO has secured the $200,000 it requested to make its platformer sequel, La Mulana 2, with five days remaining.

Like the original La Mulana, NIGORO promises that this sequel will star the same bone crushing difficulty and be just as stooped in the lore and mythology of ancient civilizations.

Those unfamiliar with the series should definitely check it out. The entire series can be best summed up as Super Metroid meeting Indiana Jones. The first game is a freeware title based on old MSX2 computer games exclusive to Japan, and it is bound to quietly humble even the proudest of gamers. You’d be forgiven for skipping this one. It’s horrifying.

Those not heeding my warnings can download the game and the English translation from the one and only Aeon Genesis.

La Mulana first took off in America with the release of the remake on several digital platforms including Steam and localizers Playism. It might streamline the freeware’s quirks, but it’s still a bloody and brutal quest from start to finish. This is the one to play for newcomers and anyone not out for extreme punishment.

If you need any more convincing, then be sure to also check out a little game called Spelunky, the popular Western indie game which was inspired by La Mulana and has similar roots as a freeware game remade into indie hit.

La Mulana 2 will now be created for PCs, allowing NIGORO to continue its reputation as a rock star of the Japanese indie movement. That being said, the game came up short on many of its stretch goals, which numbered as high as $2.7 million for mod tools. The five remaining days might secure a few of the lower ones, but at least NIGORO has secured itself plenty of curry thanks to its first two stretch goals.

$200,256: Curry Party – REACHED!

The whole La-Mulana 2 team will sit together and have a curry party live on Twitch.TV. Curry is the soul of La-Mulana, and curry will be the soul of our team.

$200,768: Curry Hell – REACHED!

La-Mulana 2 director Takumi Naramura will eat curry three times a day for three days. Enduring this spicy hell will make him stronger, allowing him the ability to make an even better game!

Japanese curry really is the greatest meal on Earth. There is no getting around that. Be sure to check out La Mulana 2‘s Kickstarter page for the final few days of its campaign.