The development team behind L.A. Noire has been hit with layoffs and closed, according to reports from MCV and Kotaku. Polygon has also confirmed the story through their sources. The former Team Bondi had parted ways with Rockstar after completion of their game and was bought up by Australian film company, Kennedy Miller Mitchell.

The studio was working on a similar detective style game called Whore of the Orient, taking place in 1930s Shanghai, during a time when the nationalist government was cracking down on communism, and the Japanese were on their doorstep. It is unknown what will become of the game with its staff gone, but Doug Mitchell has made a statement to MVC, saying:

“Whore of the Orient is a unique and extraordinary story and game, and we are still actively pursuing the right investor to partner with.”

Mitchell declined to comment on the layoffs, but it seems that all progress on the game has stopped for the time being.

There is still no word from Team Bondi’s founder Brendan McNamara. He described Whore of the Orient as one of the greatest untold stories of the 20th century and claimed it was being aimed for next generation hardware.