In the second clip of Rockstar's Orientation series for L.A. Noire, gamers can catch a glimpse of exactly what it's like to investigate cases and interrogate witnesses in the title. The clip carries the same presentation method as those from Red Dead Redemption that were releasing around a year ago, so get pumped to be excited over something that feels like it should be featured on the history channel.

While I am definitely excited to check out L.A. Noire, I have two large fears that stem from the basic premise of this game; both of them are touched on in the clip above. First I worry that this title will suffer from repetition. We'll have to place stock in Rockstar's ability to make great games here, but there's the overwhelming possibility that players will fall into a rhythm of repeating the same actions over and over again.

I also worry about how interrogation will actually work. Rockstar and Team Bondi are relying heavily on the notion that gamers know how to read people. Players will have to decipher facial expressions and aural cues in order to crack witnesses. About a month ago, Rockstar spoke out about this exact issue:

"Proficiency in interrogations can reward the player in a number of ways: a new clue may surface, an expedited path to the end of the case may present itself, perhaps a side story of a character unfolds. We want to reward and encourage players to strive for the truth in every interrogation, but we understand that, sometimes, you just get it wrong. And that's okay. Players will never fail a case or their progress impeded for performing dismally in an interrogation. They may just have a longer road to travel to the truth. We also recognise that women appear to be much better at reading lies than men…"

We'll know exactly how well the experience plays on May 17th as L.A. Noire releases for the PS3 and 360.

Until then, what is it about L.A. Noire that either has you excited or completely unenthused?