Smartphone technology keeps getting better, but the batteries that power our devices are having trouble keeping up. Sure, you could always opt for a phablet with a massive battery under the hood, but one new device may actually solve the problem once and for all.

Kyocera announced on Tuesday that it plans to show off a solar-powered version of its rugged Torque smartphone next week at Mobile World Congress, though unfortunately the device isn’t hitting the market anytime soon. This is just a prototype meant to demonstrate the new technology, though it’s still exciting nonetheless.

The solar-charging tech actually comes from French company SunPartner Technologies. It’s built-into the display, and draws energy from the sun to add battery life; it’s also super-thin, transparent and flexible. You’d still need to charge the phone periodically, but if should last a lot longer than usual.

Hopefully we’ll see the same technology included in new devices moving forward, though for now we’re excited to give this solar-powered Kyocera a try.