KYCK logo - thumbWhile soccer – known as football/futbol elsewhere in the world – has still yet to fully catch on in the United States there are over 2 billion fans globally, and its about time they had their own social network.

KYCK has completed a new round of funding and, to celebrate, it is now opening its doors to all comers.  The soccer-focused social network aims to allow its users to enjoy their passion for “the beautiful game” with other fans from around the world.  In our brief tour of the site, it does appear that KYCK has hit all of the major leagues from around the world. There are team and player pages, and the social network even managed to get some of those professionals to join and participate on the site.

The great thing about the site is that you can focus down to the news that matters the most to you, and for the teams you support. Who wants news about Arsenal on their front page when they support Leeds United?  Just want to talk to similar supporters?  Not a problem, as you can have a discussion on every team and player’s page.

As a fan of the sport myself, it definitely seems like something I’ll use.  When I want to talk about a match, I don’t like having to hunt down where the best place is to chat about it.  Having a network dedicated to nothing but the world’s biggest game seems to make a lot of sense.


KYCK Unites Soccer Enthusiasts from Around the World on Revolutionary Social Network

KYCK Closes Seed Funding Round with Over $1 Million and Moves Beyond Beta

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) August 14, 2012

KYCK, a digital media startup providing a personalized soccer experience through discovery, curation and sharing of highly relevant soccer content, announced today the completion of a seed funding round that resulted in over $1 million in investments from a select group of strategic investors across the globe. To commemorate the launch of a Series A round of funding, KYCK opened the doors to the social network so new users could sign up and participate in this global soccer movement.

“Soccer is the world’s most popular sport with more than two billion passionate fans. Many of these fans actively participate in social media, including myself, but traditional channels make it difficult to filter through all of the noise and discover the soccer-specific content you want, much less to ‘engage’ with others who share your interests,” said Mac Lackey Founder and CEO of KYCK. “Our platform offers an experience for fans to immerse themselves in soccer in a tailored way. KYCK is soccer through your lens.”

KYCK’s vision is to break through the noise and clutter of current social platforms by creating a destination for global soccer enthusiasts to connect via their shared passion and consume relevant and timely information. It gives users the tools to keep up with their favorite clubs, pros, and matches, connect with like-minded people, and share game highlights, photos, favorite kits, and more.

“KYCK brings something to the soccer community we’ve never had before – one central location for fans, coaches and players to get the latest information on all things soccer,” said Jozy Altidore, member of the United States Men’s National Team and professional soccer player. “I’m excited to be part of this community and look forward to connecting with soccer fans all around the world in a very real way.” is already being adopted on a global scale, with users from 128 countries hitting the platform throughout the duration of the UEFA Euro Championship this past June. Users immersed themselves in content by checking into matches, commenting on articles, sharing photos and watching highlights videos. Despite the invitation only access to KYCK during the Euro 2012 Championships, the user base grew by 400%–demonstrating the power of word of mouth and the market’s need for a soccer-focused community like KYCK.

About KYCK
KYCK is a digital media startup focused on providing a personalized soccer experience through discovery, curation and sharing of highly relevant soccer content. To learn more visit or find them on Facebook, and on Twitter. KYCK is also available on-the-go for iOS devices by visiting the App Store and searching for [press_end]