Kwikset on Thursday announced three new smart locks that are part of the Amazon Key Home Kit platform. The kits, available through Amazon, come with the smart lock and the retailer’s Cloud Cam. 

Among the new locks is the sleek Obsidian Keyless deadbolt, which promises to seamlessly integrate into any home. The locks can be locked and unlocked remotely when accessed through the Amazon Home Key app. Users can also share home access, view motion clips, and control the lock through Alexa integration. Users can ask, “Alexa, lock my front door.”

Customers have the opportunity to opt-in for Amazon in-home delivery to avoid possible theft of items in 37 cities.

The three new additions now gives Kwikset five compatible options when purchasing an Amazon Key Home Kit platform. That would be the Obsidian, Kwikset Convert, SmartCode 916 Contemporary, SmartCode 916 Traditional and SmartCode 914.

Here’s how the pricing breaks down Kwikset’s smart lock line-up:

  • Obsidian (Amazon Key Edition): $229
  • Kwikset Convert (Amazon Key Edition): $149
  • SmartCode 916 Traditional (Amazon Key Edition): $229
  • SmartCode 916 Contemporary (Amazon Key Edition): $229
  • SmartCode 914 (Amazon Key Edition): $199

The new locks can be purchased starting today through Kwikset’s website.