The Kremlin appears to be taking a step backwards in technology in order to increase its security. Lets all welcome the return of typewriters.

According to The Telegraph, the Russian Federal Guard Service (FSO) – the folks in charge of keeping the Kremlin and President Putin safe – is looking to spend upwards of 486,000 roubles (approx. $14,892 USD) on some electric typewriters. The idea is that this will keep the Kremlin from suffering leaks to sources such as WikiLeaks due to the documents not being available as files.

While you can of course scan a paper document with ease, each typewriter has a unique style of print due to a number of factors. Should the documents show up anywhere online, the FSO would simply have to match up the print style to deduce which person leaked the documents.

Apparently the practice has already been in place in some corners of the Russian government and this is merely an expansion of those practices.

According to the report, this sudden decision was partially brought on by the recent leaks from Edward Snowden that have shocked the world and revealed deeper levels of spying between governments than many thought still existed.

Apparently upgrading technology is not always the best idea, especially when state secrets are on the line.