Funny how this always happens. An indie publisher or a console developer will go to great lengths to keep a secret regarding a port or a remake of a popular game, only to have a ratings board from a far off nation spoil the surprise for everyone. Thanks a lot, South Korea! Thanks for ruining the surprise of LIMBO on the Xbox One, and you know… standardizing our booming smartphone industry and stuff.

Yes, it's true. The South Korean Game Ratings Board has shown that Playdead's seminal indie hit LIMBO has a rating for an Xbox One release, usually a good indication that an official announcement will be made in the near future. Twitter user lifelower found the rating and made a post with the link inside.

I am unfamiliar with the Korean language, so unfortunately, I can't tell what the rating is exactly. I'm sure if you've had any fleeting interest in LIMBO since its first week of availability, you'll know the twisted darkness and loneliness you're getting yourself into. The point is that it exists, and another platform is going to get to play it.

Puzzlingly enough. though, the PlayStation 4 does not yet support the game. Cross-Buy does not extend from the PS3/PS Vita version of the game, so many are wondering what the hold-up is on Sony's part. Will we be getting two confirmations in the coming days, or will LIMBO be an Xbox exclusive for a second stint?