Nowadays, not having a character creator for your RPG is just like forgetting to add combat or RPG elements. Every game out there allows you to create your own avatar, and the next biggest battleground is seeing who can make the most detailed characters.

Well, a cheap Korean MMORPG company called Daum just might have trumped BioWare, Square Enix, Bethesda, Volition, and everyone else in the business with the character creator for its upcoming game, Black Desert.

Every piece of the characters are able to be individually altered and adjusted. Sure, this comes standard with even the cheapest games out there, but not to the extent that Black Desert allows. Take a look at the video, and see how it is done. Keep in mind that this video is sped up, so obviously getting a character to be just perfect is going to take quite a lot of time.

I don't especially mind, though. This seems more fun than the actual game itself. I've also posted a gameplay video below, and it looks downright gorgeous at first glance, but once combat kicks into gear, Black Desert comes off broken beyond repair .

Despite that, I still might want to check it out if not for the character creation alone. I have no idea if Black Desert is ever going to make it stateside, nor can I read the Korean for the signup process, but a line has been drawn in the sand. Who is going to rise up to challenge Daum?